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Year-end-fundraising is a chance to raise up to 50% of your annual budget

November and December are the most profitable months of the year. Can you afford to miss this opportunity?

You know end-of-year fundraising matters for your non-profit.

But are you...

...feeling anxious about your donor's giving because of COVID, the economic recession, and inflation

...struggling to find the time to plan an effective end-of-year fundraising strategy

...panicked about writing a winning appeal that inspires your donors to give generously (as in "Take my credit card now!")

...overwhelmed trying to plan your end-of-year calendar

...stressed you don't have an end-of-year timeline, development plan or budget?

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There's so much you can do now to boost end-of-year fundraising!

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If you're stressed and overwhelmed, let me show you where to start.

I'm teaching you everything you need to know to raise more money with end-of-year fundraising.

You'll learn:

The winning formula for end-of-year fundraising emails

How to write money-raising emails (just like if you had a fundraising copywriter on your team!)

How many emails to send, what to say, and how to save time re-using emails

How to plan fundraising goals with a done-for-you year-end-development plan

How to schedule your campaign with an easy-peasy calendar and sample schedule

What to say on the phone to solicit end-of-year gifts from donors

Easy ways to engage your board in helping you retain and delight donors

...and more!

Here's how we'll take your appeal from "meh" to a money-raising machine!

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Here's what you get:

A step-by-step workshop to teach you the exact formula to have your most successful fundraising season ever

A done-for-you end of year development plan and sample campaign schedule to make end of year a piece of cake

An end of year appeal template to make writing your draft easy

An appeal makeover to make SURE you've avoided the expensive mistakes that plague poorly written appeals

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Meet Sarah, your appeal-writing-superhero on standby.

Sarah Klein Masterson specializes in writing for donors– and she will work her copywriting magic on your year-end appeal.

How does it work?

It’s easy: You give us your appeal draft and in 5 business days you get a ready-to-send appeal makeover, cleverly crafted, and delivered just in time to win your donor's hearts, minds, and wallets (cha-ching)!

Who the heck is Sarah? A communications dynamo with 20 years of nonprofit experience. Writing for donors is her expertise and her true love. She's served national and global clients like Smile Train, Polaris, Forté, the Antarctic & Southern Ocean Coalition, Safe Kids Worldwide, and the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund -- as well as community-based orgs like the DC Bar Foundation and Boys & Girls Clubs.

This could be the year you exceed your fundraising goal. It’s one investment that literally pays for itself! Plus, the insider knowledge and insights you’ll gain will have you writing better fundraising appeals long after 2022 is over.

Act fast, however! Our end-of-year calendars are filling up fast (and your donor's mailboxes and inboxes!).

Will this be the year you raise double your goal?

Actual client results

Jay followed the template, got a rewrite, and raised $38,000

His prior end of year appeal raised $5,000.

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This is one investment that literally pays for itself!

Here's what you get...

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Who is this product for?

This workshop is for nonprofit staff who want help and guidance writing appeals to raise money at end of year. This workshop is only open to nonprofit staff and not fundraising consultants.

Can you just like, write the appeal for me? Why do I have to write a draft?

This workshop is designed to give you skills, coaching and training to improve your skills writing an effective end of year appeal. You can hire a copywriter to "do it all for you" [for MUCH more money] but that won't teach you how to do it. If you want a referral for a copywriter to write your appeal for you just ask.

Is this a rewrite for just 1 appeal?

Yes. The training helps you understand and plan your end of year communications schedule but the rewrite is for one appeal only and does not include additional appeals or additional edits to your one rewrite.

How does this all work?

Immediately after you check out you will be sent the recording and workbook. You can submit your draft of your appeal anytime for a rewrite and you will receive it within 5 business days. This service is a rewrite of your draft appeal and doesn't include 1:1 meetings or consultations. If you want a referral for 1:1 consultations just ask.

What is the refund policy?

All sales are final and no refunds are allowed.


1. A draft of the appeal (200 - 600 words) must be submitted to receive your rewrite.
2. Only 1 rewrite is included and edits begin when it is submitted. All submissions are final (this means you are not allowed to resubmit updated versions of your draft AFTER it has been sent into the copywriter).
3. We reserve all rights to use any extracts of the before and after appeals for our training, marketing and portfolio purposes including but not limited to blog posts, webinars, and/or workbooks.

Does the appeal have to be email or can I get feedback on a direct mail appeal?

You can get an email or direct mail rewrite but if you opt for a direct mail appeal rewrite you will only get feedback on the letter, not the outer envelope, reply device, lift inserts or other items.

What's the deadline?

Your direct mail appeal draft must be submitted by Monday, October 3, 2022.

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Act fast - this closes Oct 30

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